Ilnox Premium
Support the development and operation of Ilnox.
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Premium Benefits

In addition to supporting development of Ilnox you gain access to the following benefits:

Private Smart Channels

Invite-only channels that can only be accessed by members or roles chosen by the channel's owner. Owners control access to these channels by granting or revoking access to specific members or roles as needed.

Smart Channels Variables

Customize the names of your Smart Channels using special variables to create unique and personalized channel names for your server.

Custom Smart Channels Categories

Make created Smart Channels appear in a category of your choice different from the one the Template Smart Channel is in.

Smart Channels Roles

Automatically assigns roles to users in Smart Channels with over 50 concurrent users. Easily identify and manage users within large channels for better organization and coordination of activities.

Events Images

Customize Events even further with the use of an optional image for a personal touch.


Premium subscriptions are handled via Patreon.


Ilnox Premium licenses start at 3€ per month for one server or 7€ per month for 3 servers.*

* Prices may vary depending on your location and applicable taxes.

Transfer freely

Transfer your premium license(s) freely between servers*.

* Restrictions apply